Warm congratulations on the installation of our company’s Iranian fiber paper project

Hello, come to consult our products !

Super can produce three series products of refractory ceramic fiber products,bio-soluble fiber products and slag refractory fibers,with the total capacity more than 55000T of refractory fiber bulk,blanket,board,paper module etc,including temperature grade of 850℃,1050℃,1260℃,1360℃,1450℃. Super refractory fibers are widely used in the industries of steel,metallurgy,mechanical,petro-chemical, power,constuction,ceramic,glass,electronic and spaceflight etc.

The Iranian fiber paper project has laid a good foundation for the cooperation between our company and other companies, and further demonstrated the uniqueness of our products.


Shandong Green Tiantong New Energy Co., LTD also provide the advanced technology,economic and reasonable designing service for industry furnace lining and pipeline insulation.And our professional construction team can build all kinds of complex building service.

Our products and equipment have been exported to Turkey, Italy, Pakistan, Japan, Korea, Thailand, India, Malysia, Australia, Iran, Saudi Arabia Syria etc more than forty countries.


Post time: Jan-13-2022