Water-repellent refractory fiber needled blanket

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Because there are a lot of construction projects are exposed in the wilderness, such as: steam, oil pipeline, building exterior insulation and so on; These refractory fiber material will experience the rain erosion, the inorganic fire-resistant fiber products greatly reduced the heat preservation effect after water absorption, and other material have waterproof function, but its resistance to low temperature, short of fireproof effect, so the ability of high temperature, as well as waterproof inorganic fire-resistant fiber  blanket and board has become the current urgent need of the product in the market; our company in order to preempt the market , the successful research and development of “needled blanket, hard board” two types of water-repellent products, its moistureproof, heat preservation, water-repellent three-phase performance index is excellent, especially suitable for use in rainy, humid environment.

At present, we have applied for the invention patent “a new type of ceramic fiber blanket with heat preservation and water-repellent”, and it has been approved by the National Patent Office.


Post time: Feb-28-2022