Warm congratulations on the success of the company’s research and development of “complete set of continuous ceramic fiber blanket folding block equipment” and its smooth production!

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Our company developed the new continuous ceramic fiber blanket folding module complete set of equipment, and the Model is ALT-TZDSB-LXS-1000T-Ⅱ, using the ceramic fiber blanket as the raw material to produce folding block ,first to put the blanket into storage rack of the folding machine,and then drawn to the entrance of folding machine,Folding machine according to the set size in accordance with the program for automatic reciprocating folding,the folded needle blanket through folding extrusion naturally transported to the finishing platform,The folding layers calculated according to the theoretical density of the needled blanket are manually cut and weighed, and then placed into the press for automatic compression and binding. Then manually place the bound folding block to the trimming machine for edge shaping and fixed length cutting. Finally, the finished folding block is sent to the warehouse for anchorage installation and shipment.


Automatic folding machine


automatic bundle strapping machine


Automatic compressor

Post time: Mar-23-2022