Characteristics of ceramic fiber blanket:

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1. Light weight: ceramic fiber blanket is a kind of refractory material. The most commonly used refractory fiber blanket can realize the light and high efficiency of heating furnace, reduce furnace load and prolong furnace life.

2. Low heat capacity (less heat absorption and fast temperature rise): the heat capacity of ceramic fiber blanket is only 1 / 10 of that of light heat-resistant lining and light refractory brick, which greatly reduces the energy consumption in furnace temperature operation control, especially for intermittent operation furnace, which has very significant energy-saving effect.

3. Low thermal conductivity (less heat loss): when the average temperature is 200 ℃, the thermal conductivity of ceramic fiber blanket is less than 0.06 w / MK, and when the average temperature is 400 ℃, it is less than 0.10 w / MK, which is about 1 / 8 of the lightweight heat-resistant amorphous material and about 1 / 10 of the lightweight brick. Compared with the heavy refractory, the thermal conductivity of ceramic fiber blanket can be ignored. Therefore, the insulation effect of refractory fiber blanket is very significant.

4. Wide range of application: with the development of refractory fiber production and application technology, ceramic fiber blanket has realized serialization and functionalization, and the product can meet the requirements of different temperature grades from 600 ℃ to 1400 ℃ in terms of service temperature. From the form, it has gradually formed from the traditional cotton, blanket, felt products to fiber modules, boards, shaped parts, paper, fiber textiles and other forms of secondary processing or deep processing products. It can meet the needs of different industrial furnaces in various industries for refractory ceramic fiber products.

5. Resistance to mechanical vibration (with flexibility and elasticity): ceramic fiber blanket is flexible and elastic, and is not easy to be damaged. The whole furnace after installation is not easy to be damaged when it is impacted or vibrated by road transportation.

6. Good sound insulation performance (reducing noise pollution): ceramic fiber blanket can reduce the high frequency noise with frequency less than 1000 Hz. For the sound wave with frequency less than 300 Hz, the sound insulation ability is better than that of common sound insulation materials, which can significantly reduce the noise pollution.

7. Strong automatic control ability: the ceramic fiber blanket has high thermal sensitivity and can better adapt to the automatic control of heating furnace.

8. Chemical stability: the chemical performance of ceramic fiber blanket is stable, except phosphoric acid, hydrofluoric acid and strong base, other acids, bases, water, oil and steam are not eroded.

Post time: Jun-24-2021